Monday, April 8, 2013

Boy Can Life Take You Away From Your Projects!

Brief Update: Been busy with life and other projects. Status of the project thus far:

  • Remote power level control via toggle shifting works.
  • Interfacing with RadioPopper power dials works.
  • Special functions via different Radio Popper level dial works.
  • LP160 flash duration not controllable in a SYNC/QUENCH fashion. :( Not without replacing the trigger circuit with your own IGBT trigger circuit or a more energy wasteful quench bank. :(

Since my last post, the LP160 has been discontinued. Remaining units have been priced at $179 at the two online stores selling the LP160(s) that are left. 

So my development into controlling and modding the LP160 will be shelved until when LumoPro's next model comes out. 

In the meantime, will be focusing on features on the RF triggers I built to interface with the LP160(s). :)

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